Friday, November 20, 2009

Garage A Trois All Over Your Face

Last night, I had the honor of catching the second set of Garage a Trois' CD release at d.b.a. This band has been on the must-see list for quite some time, although over the past few years they dropped Charlie Hunter for Marco Bennevento. Good Call, guys. The band is comprised of Bennevento, Stanton Moore, Mike Dillon and Skerik.
The intimacy of a packed d.b.a. on Thursday night was magical, and the vibe was enhanced by the fact that it was Skerik's birthday. My friend @mberde could not have described the show he missed any better "sexy, dirty, funky, groovy." The tunes were so powerful, the band was really tight (for Jazz), everyone's hips were shakin' to the sexy and funktastic grooves.
The night was animated with a foam "Rock On" hand from a G.A.T. show in '03 that my friend David let me borrow. The proverbial rock-on pumping was in full effect- and Skerik was donned the hand as a birthday gift.

I'm new to writing, but the best way to describe this show is Stellarlicious- be sure to check them out at a show near you!!

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